Benjamin Wand - Verbose CV

As a generalist and prototyper, I do/create very different things, and publish very different things on various platforms. On this website I'm creating a home for all the not insignificant other things, that usually don't end up on a cv.
My goal is having a complete-ish 2020 soon and then add current things constantly and older things when I feel like it. If you know me and there is a thing that should totally get an article here - drop me a line! There is also the possibility to vote on topics on Github.

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 'Bézier curves' thumbnail
Bézier curves in OpenSCAD
September / October 2020
 'verbose cv' thumbnail
This Website
Since May 2020
 'first bar chart' thumbnail
The first bar chart video
May 12th, 2020
'self management' thumbnail
Working on productivity … again
April/May 2020
'cotton mask' thumbnail
Cotton masks
April 2020
'tuning video' thumbnail
Introducing voicing (for makers)
April 2020
'flauto mirabilis' thumbnail
Open-sourcing 360° labial pipes
February - April 2020
 'cookie cutters' thumbnail
Cookie cutters
Since December 2019
 'Nachtigall organ stop' thumbnail
Nachtigall organ stop
May 2018
'model release' thumbnail
Model release