Benjamin Wand - Verbose CV

As a generalist and prototyper, I do/create very different things, and publish very different things on various platforms. On this website I'm creating a home for all the not insignificant other things, that usually don't end up on a cv.
My goal is having a complete-ish 2020 soon and then add current things constantly and older things when I feel like it. If you know me and there is a thing that should totally get an article here - drop me a line! There is also the possibility to vote on topics on Github.

 'go game' thumbnail
Tiny go games
February 2021
 'Bézier curves' thumbnail
Bézier curves in OpenSCAD
September / October 2020
 'verbose cv' thumbnail
This Website
Since May 2020
 'first bar chart' thumbnail
The first bar chart video
May 12th, 2020
'self management' thumbnail
Working on productivity … again
April/May 2020
'cotton mask' thumbnail
Cotton masks
April 2020
'tuning video' thumbnail
Introducing voicing (for makers)
April 2020
'flauto mirabilis' thumbnail
Open-sourcing 360° labial pipes
February - April 2020
 'cookie cutters' thumbnail
Cookie cutters
Since December 2019
 'Nachtigall organ stop' thumbnail
Nachtigall organ stop
May 2018
'wooden handle' thumbnail
Wooden handles
since many years
'model release' thumbnail
Model release